"The Wand changed my whole dental experience. A much more comfortable, non-threatening and painless treatment (and I didn't leave the dentist with a fat lip!)." Dental Sedation North East

Dental Sedation


If you are anxious about having teeth out we offer sedation to make life a little easier.

What is sedation?

After an injection in the back of your hand you will feel rather drowsy and very relaxed. Although you will be awake enough to talk to us most people remember nothing of their treatment afterwards.
You will feel no pain during your treatment.

Am I suitable for sedation?

Your safety and comfort are our first priority and therefore all patients will be individually assessed. Broadly speaking if you are aged 18 to 64, are fit & healthy and are able to bring someone with you, you will probably be suitable for conscious sedation.

How much does it cost?

£100 per session. Sedation is available to either private patients or to NHS patients having teeth out.

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