State of the Art Dentistry "The Wand changed my whole dental experience. A much more comfortable, non-threatening and painless treatment (and I didn't leave the dentist with a fat lip!)." Dental X-rays
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State of the Art Dentistry

New equipment & services

We have a continuous program of investment and improvement. The very latest digital X-rays, intraoral cameras and computer animations help you see and understand what is going on in your mouth.

Spring 2013

  • Alistair has undertaken advanced training in London and we are now able to offer dental implants as a treatment option.

Spring 2012

  • The last few months have been very busy. Our new dental nurse school has now accepted itís first candidates. Itís great to be investing in the highest level of training of staff.
  • We have bought new equipment designed to improve the diagnosis of pulpal disorders and to improve the retention of bridges. This will help us to ensure that you are getting the very best treatment possible.
  • We have extended our opening hours, particularly to make life easier for people who find it hard to get time off work.

August 2009

  • Welcome to Peter & Jessica, two new dentists. Both Pete & Jess will be providing private and NHS treatment.
  • Congratulations to Lynne who got married on 1st August.

July 2009

  • Amanda, dental nurse and practice manager, completes training in "fluoride application" to increase the options for preventative care for you and, especially your children's mouths.
  • Welcome to Lynne, receptionist.
  • Congratulations to Rebecca who passed her dental nurse exam.

June 2009

  • New flooring in Ashington looks great but perhaps more importantly improves our cross infection control.
  • Welcome to Danielle, receptionist.
  • Congratulations to our dentist Joanne who gave birth to a baby girl this month.

May 2009

Welcome to Bryan, a new hygienist. Bryan provides dedicated care for your gums in both Hadrian Park and Ashington.

April 2009

Carly, Joanne and Kathryn, dental nurses, begin further training in Radiography and Sedation further increasing your treatment options.

March 2009

Welcome to Kay, trainee dental nurse.

February 2009

£ 30,000 of investment opens Surgery 4 at Ashington. Thank you to Lisa, Jo, and Amanda for putting in all the hard planning work. More surgeries obviously mean greater access to dental care for both NHS and private patients.

January 2009

Congratulations to Donna and Kathryn, who have both completed their dental nurse training and can register with the General Dental Council.

December 2008

  • Amid all the preparations for Christmas why not pop in for a festive clean up! Brighten your smile for the photos and make sure fillings aren't about to break over the holidays. Don't worry if it does though. Alistair will be providing emergency cover throughout the season. Call your usual practice number and the answerphones will give you all the detail.
  • Practice is awarded British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme, the most recognised quality control award for NHS practices. This goes along side our Denplan Excel Award the most stringent national quality control award for Private practice.

November 2008

  • Further investment in IT brings intraoral digital cameras. You can now see exactly what your dentist is talking about when they say there is a broken filling or somewhere they want you to clean further.
  • Kathryn, dental nurse, sits her exams - fingers crossed!

October 2008

Overhaul of IT at Ashington allows digital x-rays to be emailed directly to consultants at the dental hospital. This makes it possible to get an instant diagnosis and help with treatment planning if your case is a difficult one.

September 2008

  • Welcome to Kelly, trainee dental nurse and Joanne, senior dental nurse.
  • "Fibre posts" introduced in Hadrian Park. These glass fibre posts are incredibly strong and yet allow light to travel through them. They are the "gold standard" way of restoring the badly broken front tooth giving the best possible strength and aesthetics.

August 2008

New name, logo & website.

July 2008

  • Alistair will be returning to the Mercy Ships in February 2009, this time to Benin.
  • New state of the art surgical microscope ordered for Hadrian Park. Giving the dentist the very best view of your teeth allows them to give you the very best treatment.

April 2008

New dentist starts in Hadrian Park.

February 2008

We have acquired AquaDental Care in Ashington. Thanks to Chris and Dave for all your work in setting up this practice.
Alistair is on the Mercy Ship in Liberia. Keep up with him here

November 2007

Congratulations to Amanda and Katie who have both passed their postgraduate diploma in Conscious Sedation in Dentistry! This is one of the most technical and difficult post graduate dental nurse qualifications in the UK today. Amanda and Katie have both put in hours of work and the recognition from the National Examining Board of Dental Nurses is well deserved. Well done!

June 2007

New investment in equipment for root treatments.

May 2007

Alistair is planning on spending some time on board the Mercy Ships, a charity whose aim is to bring medical and dental treatment to the poorest communities in Africa. Why not take a look here

April 2007

Text message reminders introduced. If you have not given us your mobile telephone number, or if it has changed please let us know.

January 2007

For those of you who find their dental injections difficult we now have The Wand - the gentle alternative to dental injections.

August 2006

We can now diagnose and treat your problems sooner and easier than ever before with our new digital X-rays.

July 2006

For you comfort we have air conditioning in the surgeries, in case we ever see the sun again!

June 2006

Following investment in new equipment, we now offer twilight sleep to anxious patients needing extractions.

April 2006

We now have new software to help us keep your records as up to date and as accurate as possible.
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