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Private Dentists Costs North East

Private fees

Hadrian Park Private Fee Guide January 2020

Treatment Pay As You Go Denplan Care
Emergency Appointment £100.00 Included
Routine Examination £77.50 Included
Scale & Polish £77.50 Included
Silver Fillings £145.00 Included
White Fillings £145.00 Included
Root Canal Treatment from £300.00 Included
Crowns from £500.00 Lab fee only
Bridges from £1000.00 Lab fee only
Dentures from £400.00 single arch
£600.00 double arch
Lab fee only
Implants from £2500.00 Not included
Tooth Whitening £250.00 Not included
Orthodontics from £2995.00 Not included
Accident & Emergency Cover Not available Included
World Wide Helpline Not available Included
Pay As You Go fees are for guidance only and will depend on the time and materials used.
Lab fees vary from case to case but are usually in the region of £80 - £100 per tooth

Adult Denplan Fees per month

  Essentials A B C D E
2019 £14.99 £17.90 £24.99 £33.33 £41.99 £50.99
2020 £15.28 £18.25 £25.50 £33.99 £42.99 £52.00

Child Denplan Care Fees per month

  Low risk Medium risk High risk
2019 £9.00 £11.00 £16.00
2020 £9.20 £11.30 £16.30
Your child may be able to receive NHS treatment at no charge, please ask the receptionist for details.
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