Dentist Referrals North East "The Wand changed my whole dental experience. A much more comfortable, non-threatening and painless treatment (and I didn't leave the dentist with a fat lip!)."

Dentist Referrals North East

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In these days of single use files, rubber dam and litigation many dentists don't have the time or the inclination to undertake root treatments. We have invested in NiTi instruments, digital imaging and a brand new microscope and are willing to take on the root treatments you would rather pass on.

Whether you would like to use us for all your root treatments or just the occasional molar we would be happy to accept referrals by post, telephone, fax, email or visit our online referral form.

Note: If you would prefer to print and post/fax a referral, you can download the referral form here.

A copy of our patient information pack which the patient receives after booking their initial consultation can be found here.

PDF Document Leaflet

PDF Document Root Canal Q&A

This patient information pack includes a welcome letter confirming their initial consultation appointment, frequently asked questions and answers and a copy of our current price list.

When you refer your patient to us you can choose how you would like us to restore the tooth after the root treatment. We can either simply close the access cavity with glass ionomer and you can restore the tooth any way you want, or, if you prefer, we will provide the permanent restoration.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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