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Dental Treatment North East

Your first visit

The most important thing we can do on your first visit is to listen to you. We will ask you to tell us how you feel about your teeth and your dentistry. If you are worried about anything or anxious about your treatment now is the time to tell us.

We will ask you to fill in a confidential medical history questionnaire, so if you are taking any medication please bring the details with you.When we know how we can help you we will carry out an examination, possibly take some X-rays, and discuss your treatment options and benefits. All treatment options and estimates will be given to you in writing at this appointment.

If you would like to bring someone else with you to discuss your treatment or just hold your hand, that's fine with us!

Anxious Patients

Many patients have been worried about their treatment or embarrassed about the condition or appearance of their teeth. All members of our experienced team will be happy to discuss your needs before you are introduced to your dentist.

The Wand

Replace your traditional dental injections with The Wand. Go to The Wand Page.
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