Adult Dentists North East "I like my dentist. I am confident in him and any advice he gives. Even if I moved away from the area I would stay with Mr Bartlett."

Adult Dentists North East

Adult Dentistry

Looking after your smile

To promote good long term oral health we place a strong emphasis on preventing dental problems. If however, you do have a problem we will do all we can to save teeth rather than take them out.

How we aim to make your dentistry as easy as possible

  • Prevention is better than cure. We are always willing to discuss how you can prevent future dental problems.
  • You decide on the treatment you have. We will discuss your treatment options fully with you and help you to decide but the treatment you have will be up to you.
  • Good dentistry is pain free. We will do everything we can to make your dentistry as painless as possible.
    If you ever feel discomfort during your treatment let us know straight away.


Denplan care is available for adults who have completed a course of treatment with us and allows us to provide the very highest standard of care for your mouth without financial concerns.
Pay As You Go is the most flexible way to pay for your treatment with no long term commitment. Use this method of payment if you can claim the cost of your treatment from a third party such as H.S.A.
NHS is the cheapest option. Why not give us a call and ask if we can see you under the NHS.
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